Nocturne is an independently produced podcast. If you’d like to support this endeavor we will gratefully accept any help we can get! Thank you!!!

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Whether you love the night and wish you could live there full-time, or view it as a strange and foreign dimension filled with hidden secrets and mysteries, Nocturne is there for you. The mission of this podcast is to uncover, discover and mine as many nocturnal gems as possible.

This is where you come in!

Nocturne has found it’s people, and it’s still finding more! The reception to this podcast has been amazing. It turns out that there are a lot of people out there who crave sound-rich, atmospheric, compelling stories centered around the night – not just the spooky aspects of the night, but the night in all it’s facets.

As of this writing, Nocturne is mostly a one woman operation (with a little help from my composer/sound-designer partner, Kent Sparling). You know those big shows you hear every week that you love? They have teams of people to research stories, schedule interviews, conduct and record interviews, transcribe interviews, record sounds, edit the story, sound design, edit and mix the audio, write and record narration, publish, distribute and promote the stories – you get the picture. For Nocturne, mostly all those people are me. It takes A LOT of time to produce each episode. Time that I’m not getting paid to do other work. It also takes money. So I could really, really use your help – whatever help you can give. Nocturne is released monthly, so your regular monthly donation will be supporting each new episode.

In gratitude,
Vanessa Lowe

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