Proof of Passage

Proof of Passage - Nocturne Episode 23Picture it. You’re biking along a winding country road, 30 miles from the nearest town. The air is cool, there’s a slight wind, maybe a gentle mist. It’s three o’clock in the morning.  You’ve been awake for 23 hours.

Proof of Passage Credits

Produced, edited and mixed by Vanessa Lowe.

Special thanks to Jeremy Cherfas, Michael, Katie Burkart, Herrin Hopper,Heidi Anderson, Neva Moore, Jemma, Artorias Stark, David Green, Rexter Chambers, David Fisher, Hugo Arenivas, Joseph Potter, Robert Shaw, Mary Jo Eyler, Leslie-Ann Case, Camilla Meshiea, Marta Pelrine-Bacon, Kay Challis, Tara, Doug Salamon, Edward Champion.


Nocturne theme music by Kent Sparling

Also by Kent Sparling:

Over the Falls; Monastery Springs; Dawn Chorus; Delos; Frenetic Cluster, Unreleased

Kyron (aka JC Mendizabal):

The Ritual and the Object; Experiment 05 Rendered; Simple Phenomena; Turtle on the Edge


Crosshatching; After Tunguska; Nine Mile

Pollen Music Group:

He Just Felt Different; Leg Stretch; The Danger of Gold; The Burned Palm

Taggart and Andre LaFosse:

Tiny’s Revenge, Selective Sync Conflict

Cory Gray:

Anthills; Mountains

Iron Metal:

Devil Hell


Episode Artwork: Robin Galante

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