The Radical Shift

In that place where darkness and isolation meet, fear can take hold in a particularly visceral way.  When you’re alone in the dark,  every sense works overtime. It can feel like the darkness and the fear are interchangeable. One comes to represent the other. The darkness can paralyze you. Or you can walk straight into it.

The Radical Shift Credits

Nocturne is produced by Vanessa Lowe.

Additional sound and production help by Aubrey Ralph.

Thanks to Cory Ruf.

Thanks to Stefan Petersen. His mother, Kim Petersen, wrote a book about their experience called, Charting the Unknown: Family, Fear, and One Long Boat Ride.

Thanks to Audible for supporting Nocturne.

Special thanks to Daniel Linhart, Alex Espinoza, Jeremy Cherfas, Michael, Katie Burkart, Herrin Hopper, Heidi Anderson, Neva Moore, David Green, Jemma, Artorias Stark, Hugo Arenivas, Joseph Potter, Mary Jo Eyler, Camilla Meshiea, Marta Pelrine-Bacon, Tara,  Lauren Smith, Chris Glover, Edward Champion.


Nocturne theme music by Kent Sparling

Also by Kent Sparling:

Smoke Leaks Through the Wall; Needle Lies; Comoe’ Mutables in A; Comoe’ Mutables Third Drone; Monastery Springs; Clock Tower; Over the Falls, Unreleased


Open Top Drive; Prisoners in the Courtyard, Unreleased

Kyron (aka JC Mendizbal):

Aboard the Ship Karnak; Simple Phenomenon; Always, Unreleased

Episode Artwork: Robin Galante

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